Queen Anne High School Class of '79 Reunion -- Info and Registration

Yow! It really has been forty years. We are now at least three times as old, and a third as wise, as we were then. And it's time for that thing where people get together. What did we call it back then? A shindig? A hootenanny? A massive kegger? A tea party? Nobody remembers. We will call this thing a "reunion" for lack of a better term.

The Time and Place:

Arguments raged between your reunion organizers. Should we just have a chilly kegger down at Smith Cove, and when the cops come, deride them as mere "whippersnappers"? Should we take advantage of Washington State's liberal marijuana laws, and arrange a meetup behind portables at some school somewhere? But thoughts of classmates drifting off to sea, or humming "In A Gadda Da Vida" with their eyes closed, and occasionally muttering "whoa..." until they fall asleep on some playground equipment, were insufficiently amusing to be persuasive.

Accordingly, we have booked our reunion event to take place in Ballard at a place called The Canal but which you may remember as Hiram's Restaurant. The date and time: Saturday, October 5, 2019, from 5:30 to 11:00 pm. The address: 5300 34th Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107.


The registration fee will be $125.00 per attendee. This includes a large buffet, non-alcoholic drinks, and two tickets for drinks from the bar -- any additional drinks being yours to pay for. But two notes:

  • First: we would like EVERYONE who can make it to come to this event. And forty years on, we know how tough life can be sometimes. If you cannot afford the registration fee, will you please let us know so that we can see if we can raise the money elsewhere? E-mail us at Class79@qagrizzlies.org We promise to keep that a secret, so please don't be shy to ask. And if life has been kind to you and you can help out by donating some money to the reunion committee to pay for people who can't afford the event, there's a donation box below. In the event that donated funds exceed the cost of any help rendered to classmates, they will be applied to any deficit in the reunion budget, and if there's no deficit, we will pass them along to the QA Alumni Association.
  • Second: If you do not want the two drink tickets for the bar, you can check the box below when registering and your fee will be reduced to $110.00.

Payment Options:

You can register online with a credit card or PayPal account below. Alternatively, if e-commerce is one of those things which turns you into a grumpy old person, you may register by sending a check to Jane Mills, the reunion treasurer, at:

Jane Mills c/o BJC
3216 16th Ave W
Seattle WA 98119

Your Reunion Committee:

Blame, recriminations, angry tirades, and general fussiness should be directed to your reunion committee. We ask only that when you issue blistering criticism, you spread it evenly among the committee members, listed here in no particular order: Jeff Spencer, Jane Mills, Kurt Denke, John Lombard, Greg Kelly, Susan Ingman Scheel, and Steve Hall.

Updates and General Balderdash:

For those of you on Facebook, there is a reunion group. Please join.

Memory e-book:

We plan to have, instead of a printed "memory book," an online version into which you'll be able to pour your strange recollections, your history, and your sacred honor, to be viewable on this site. But the web-engineering for that book isn't done yet. Check back. You will not need to register for the reunion event to post.


Classmates (for guests of classmates, see below): enter your name as it was in high school in the blank, then hit "Add to Cart".

Check here if you do NOT want drink tickets:

To Bring a non-classmate guest, enter name of guest below:

Check here if you do NOT want drink tickets:

Donations for needy classmates/covering reunion deficit/massive Mafia slush fund: Please enter the amount and hit "Add to Cart."